Joseph Edwin Carpenter


Joseph Edwin Carpenter: California Academy of Mathematics and Science

Engineering Design and Development “Panda-monium”
“Panda-monium”, is a design challenge for the capstone engineering class at CAMS, where two opposing student teams must design, build, and test a self-assembling robotic platform, built with modular pieces that are scattered around randomly in a build field. The modules must be able to identify each other, locate themselves, and combine to complete a robotic platform, which will then be tasked with climbing a vertical edifice on campus, to retrieve an item of interest. This project is equivalent to a 400-level college endeavor and is a huge technical challenge for high school seniors. This will allow students to be better prepared for entering college in STEM related fields.


Sarah Anne Sumpolec


Sarah Anne Sumpolec: Journalism in Action: The Daily Howl

Castaic High School
Created by journalism students during the pandemic, the Daily Howl is an online school publication that has not been able to offer print editions because of the prohibitive cost and the design training needed for student journalists. Providing the school paper in print form is a mission of The Daily Howl staff that will benefit all 1,210 students of the Castaic High School student body. This grant will help support the anticipated accomplishment of the development, execution, and printing of a special year-end edition of The Daily Howl, to be enjoyed and shared with all students and the Castaic community at large.


Marnie L Strauss


Marnie L Strauss: Eagles' Nest Preschool

Innovative Storytelling
Ms. Strauss’ Pre-K Special Education classroom is comprised of students ages 3-5 years old, with varying degrees of special needs and a range of cognitive and communication abilities. Innovative Storytelling will allow for students to engage in books and storytelling through activities and props that do not rely solely on verbal communication, including puppets, soft-stuffed characters, sequencing cards, and other storytelling aids. With these interesting and motivating materials, students can explore story content and concept development through hands-on and activity-based learning.




Jasmine Bell


Jasmine Bell : John D Jenkins Elementary School

After-School Dance Program Series
Students will have the opportunity to participate in an after-school dance program where they will learn multiple styles of dance such as ballet, jazz, hip hop and musical theatre. The program will implement vocabulary from dance and core subject areas. The program will also include STEM and ELL languages that are present at the school. The benefits of the after-school program allow students to explore the art of dance, creativity, and self-expression. The long-term goal is for students who are based at a Title 1 school to have access to a literacy-based dance program, exposure to performing arts, and free dance classes in their area. This program can spark interest in the students to want to pursue dance outside of school and as a future career.


Stephanie London


Stephanie London: Richard Henry Dana Middle School

Empowering Genius: Culturally Responsive Science Education for Black Scholars
This enhanced science program provides an inclusive and enriching learning environment that empowers all students, particularly Black students, to deeply engage with scientific concepts and expand their horizons through experiential learning opportunities. Aligned with the commitment of culturally responsive instruction, this program seeks to foster an educational setting where cultural diversity is celebrated, and students are actively engaged in their learning journey. According to the National Science Foundation, approximately 10% of Black Americans are employed in STEM related fields. By establishing connections between classroom learning and real-world experiences, this program directly provides culturally relevant opportunities for more Black students to explore STEM fields. The goal is to align these enhancements with the principles of cultural responsiveness, recognizing the individual backgrounds and strengths of Black students to cultivate their genius.


Brandi Thibodeaux


Brandi Thibodeaux: Alliance Ouchi O'Donovan 6-12 Complex

Literary Exploration
The "Literary Exploration" project aims to engage English students in a comprehensive study of literature while promoting critical thinking, creativity, and cultural awareness. Through a variety of interactive activities, resources, and experiences, students will deepen their understanding of literary works, develop analytical skills, and foster a lifelong appreciation for literature. The project also enhances student engagement and motivation by providing meaningful and relevant learning experiences that cater to diverse interests, learning styles, and cultural backgrounds, leading to higher attendance rates and reduced dropout rates. Collaboration with local authors, cultural institutions, and community organizations strengthen ties between the school and the broader community, promoting community engagement, support, and investment in education.


Ken Brenan


Ken Brenan: Mira Costa High School

AeroSpace Engineering & Principles of Engineering
AreoSpace Engineering takes the students through all aspects of AeroSpace, from the ground (airplane navigation to making and flying balsawood gliders) into space (designing rocket engines to launching model rocket) ending with exoplanet exploration (students design and build martian landers). Principles of Engineering introduces several aspects of engineering from bridges to robotics into energy in action (electrical circuits, fluid and wind power).



Kathy Williams


Kathy Williams: St. John’s Lutheran Preschool Church

State of the Art Library
This library will have a diverse collection of cultural materials to improve students’ skills in communication. Part of the daily activities include reading and social time, helping to provide better social interactions. This will create growth, imagination, and literacy to support meaningful relationships as the students grow to adulthood.




Julie Luna


Julie Luna: Northcutt Elementary

Sensory Illuminations: Exploring Light and Texture with a light table and sensory bin
Julie’s project will implement a light table and sensory bin to engage students in multi-sensory exploration within the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to explore various materials, textures, and objects in the illuminated space of the light table and the tactile experience of the sensory bin. Through hands-on activities and guided investigation, students will engage in hands-on experiential learning, fostering their cognitive, sensory, and creative development.




Jessee Z Goss


Jessee Z Gossa: Cope Middle School

Indoor Gardening to Improve Life Skills and Healthy Eating Habits
Jessee’s project implements an indoor vegetable garden for students with moderate to severe disabilities. The garden will allow students to learn how to grow healthy foods for a minimal amount of money, promoting healthy eating habits, hobbies and diets into adulthood. Students will learn where food comes from, how to plant and harvest indoor plants for food, and how to cook using homegrown vegetables.





Oi Ling


Oi Ling (Iris) Wong: Carbon Valley Academy

Electric piano for music classroom and orff instrument
Iris’ project implements an upgrade of the classroom piano and introduces an Orff curriculum into the classroom, greatly enhancing the quality of music education provided to students. These resources create diverse learning opportunities that cater to various learning styles and interests and promote teamwork, creativity and self-expression. Introducing the Orff curriculum will increase students’ engagement in music classes, leading to higher retention rates of students participating in music programs.





Tania Morosan


Tania Morosan: Wiseburn Middle School

Class set of Historical fiction young adult novels
Tania’s project will implement a class set of the young adult historical novel Chengli and the Silk Road Caravan by Hildi Kang, allowing students to read at their own pace and better understand the material. A workbook and audio recording for the book will help deepen students’ understanding and reading comprehension and appeal to auditory learners. This project assists students in understanding a complex and challenging curriculum, expands their vocabulary, and exposes them to larger themes.





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