Ashley Griffin



Ashley Griffin: Goleta Family School, Santa Barbara

Mud Kitchen for School Garden and Outdoor Classroom
Project implements a mud kitchen for students K-5 in the school’s garden and outdoor classroom. A mud kitchen is an outdoor play station that will give students the opportunity to engage in a new type of daily play during recess, which connects them with nature, engages their sensory needs and development, and serves as a necessary creative outlet, as they both invent mud delicacies and engage in dramatic play with their peers. Sensory play is important for growth, and kids learn to problem solve through the social interactions that come with imaginary and role play.


Daisy Lopez


Daisy Lopez: St. Frances X. Cabrini School, Los Angeles

Hands-On Art and Science Activities
Project will implement creative art and science stations inside the classroom, as well as workshops that provide opportunities for 3rd-5th grade students to explore, expand their imagination, and express creativity. Through this work, students will expand their knowledge of science through fun experiments. Students will be encouraged to develop expository questions, develop hypotheses, test their knowledge, and refine their explorations based on scientific evidence. This work will open doors for students to not only enhance their thinking, but also learn to organize and assess their ideas.



Graciela Olmeda


Graciela Olmeda: YES Academy, Los Angeles

Design and Create with a Cricut!
Project implements play based learning centers for her TK students. The learning centers will include subject matters and supplies for art, math, drama, writing, science, fine motor skills, puzzles, and technology. The learning centers will create a safe learning environment, which allows students to explore various subject matters at their own pace, and helps the students acclimate to school and engagement in learning.





Karyn Pochter


Karyn Pochter: Eagle's Nest Preschool, El Segundo

Speech Rockstars
Project will help preschoolers who have been diagnosed with speech and language delays with supportive materials to develop and learn to use their new skills in a safe environment. The use of these new materials for both the special education students and the students in general education classrooms can help improve their overall speech and language skills. As special education students work hard in simply communicating with others, these materials can help them practice their targeted skills in a smaller environment and then generalize into the classroom with their peers who may need some informal supports.



Phuong Uzoff


Phuong Uzoff: Richmond Street Elementary, Torrance

Expanding Student Environmental Stewardship through 3D Printing
Project includes expanding environmental stewardship through 3D printing and design for STEAM 4th-5th graders. Students will work on their 21ST century skills to problem solve and work in collaborative teams to 3D print a prototype device that can help clean up the ocean. The anticipated accomplishment is to teach students how to conserve, reduce, refrain, reuse and upcycle materials so that it does not go into waste. Furthermore, this project may inspire students to want to grow up to become environmental engineers and scientists to solve our climate change crisis!



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