Scholarship Eligibility Requirements, Selection Criteria and Application Process (Applications will be accepted February 1, 2022 – March 8, 2022)

You could be rewarded for your academic excellence with a $3,000 scholarship!

Apply for Scholarship

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Please have the following supporting documents ready to submit with your application:

Supporting Documents:

  1. School transcript showing cumulative GPA to the most recent semester
  2. Copies of SAT or equivalent college/university entrance exam scores
  3. Two letters of recommendation: one from your community service organization, and one from your school
  4. Copy of parent’s or legal guardian’s most recent federal income tax return
  5. Written essay (minimum 1,000 words) addressing a specific topic that will be provided

Selection Criteria:

Once you apply, the Innovision Society selection committee judges each student on:

Proof of enrollment or acceptance at accredited college or university will be required if selected.

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